Pawel Nazaruk - cameraman, cinematographer, film director based in Warsaw, PolandPAWEŁ NAZARUK (1977) is an award-winning cinematographer, film director and producer with 15 years of experience in delivering content for direct clients and international brands. He has also worked for film production studios, television and both Polish and international distribution platforms. His signature style is a character-driven minimal crew approach combined with motivated and appealing imagery serving the story.

He works mostly in the fields of branded content (commercials, promotional films, region or city promos, PR videos), TV and web documentaries (television documentary, travel series, internet docs), and creative documentaries.

He is well-versed with most HD and 4k formats and cameras. Flexible to act as Director of Photography on larger sets as well as solo-shooter covering both camera and direction on smaller, more intimate or low-key projects.

Pawel has experience shooting in international locations and managing film projects from end to end. Based in Warsaw, Poland, available for projects worldwide.

Recent credits include:
UNSUNG HEROES – 5 one-hour documentary episodes for History Channel (cinematographer)
A STROLL WITH AMBASSADOR – 8-episode series for the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (cinematographer, director, producer)
MY WAY TO UN: Warsaw, Istanbul, New York, Juba – 4-episode series for the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (cinematographer, director, producer)
SEARCHING FOR HELL – independent feature documentary (cinematographer, co-director, executive producer)
WO BIST DU TERESA O.? – feature documentary for MedionArt/HBO Poland (cinematographer, co-director)
KAZIMIERZ NOWAK. A Story of Certain Madness – feature documentary in production stage (cinematographer, director)