Film Director & Producer / Warsaw, Poland

Pawel Nazaruk - Film and Video Director / Producer based in Warsaw, Polanddocumentary film / branded content / web & TV commercials

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Pawel Nazaruk is an award-winning film producer based in Warsaw, Poland, with over 15 years of experience directing and producing film and video content. He has successfully delivered engaging film content (branded content, TV & web commercials, internet documentary series) for both Polish and international clients. His work has been aired on TV, screened in cinemas, and streamed on the Internet.

He’s expert at bringing out the natural and the authentic both on the set and in the edit, whether it’s a documentary film, branded content, social advertising or television commercial. Always on the lookout for strong, character-driven emotional content that boosts audience engagement and evokes positive feedback. His signature style involves applying documentary film techniques and small unobtrusive crews on the set in order to achieve very personal content that he believes to be the core of effective communication with contemporary audiences across all platforms.

Pawel’s films have been screened and awarded at numerous film festivals and media competitions. Recent awards include Main Awards  at Camerimage 2017 & 2018 (as Film Producer and Film Director in social advertising category).

Pawel Nazaruk is the leading director and film producer at DogFilm Studio, based in Warsaw, Poland. He is responsible for the production of over 100 short and long-form films. For up-to-date portfolio of his work visit:

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Pawel Nazaruk
+ 48 602 473 113
Warsaw, Poland