South Sudan documentary film about UN
My Way to UN. Kasia in Juba
New York, Sergiusz, promotional documentary
My Way to UN. Sergiusz in NYC
Karolina in UNDP - documentary promotional film
My Way to UN. Karolina in Istanbul
Marta in UN - promotional video
My Way to UN. Marta in Warsaw
Teresa O. - feature documentary
Wo Bist Du, Teresa O.? – feature documentary
Documentary film A Hole to
Searching For Hell – A Hole to Hell
Vardo documentary
Witches in Vardo – documentary
Screen shot 2014-04-22 at 4.45.56 PM
The State Forests
Porto & Douro travel documentary film
Porto & Douro Region short travel documentary
Filmmaker Showreel
Filmmaker Showreel 2013
Film Marketing Blog promo video
Film Marketing Blog Promo
Picture 19
LISBON – city guide / PR video for Polish Embassy
WWII reconstruction on a budget – shooting UNSUNG HEROES
Drone aerial video
Drone aerial video showreel 2012
Cinema comercial video
Picture 10
ATHENS: Walk with Ambassador
Picture 2
Tandem in Borderland (Poland / Belarus) – ‘road movie’ documentary film
Picture 4
ROME: Walk with Ambassador travel documentary
Picture 2
Do IT with Poland – corporate video
Picture 19
SUWALKI. Find Your Sunny Places.